Aurora Dance Ensemble

Ready for Aurora Dance Ensemble?
Auditions Thursday  August 22nd, 2019

Dancers ages 9-High School are invited to audition

Ensemble members must present a mature approach to classes, performances and rehearsals as well as a dedication to dance. This includes appropriately managing their time to ensure that all family, school, and company commitments are met. Dancers will be expected to arrive on time and be prepared for all classes, rehearsals, and performances, and are expected to follow all studio rules, including dress codes. They must demonstrate a clear understanding of dance vocabulary, theatre etiquette, and skill in teaching and fostering younger and/or less experienced dancers. Language, behavior, and overall personal appearance should, and will be of the highest quality both in the studio and at any studio related function.

What’s involved? :
*Ensemble dancers are required to attend additional rehearsals every week and participate in studio and community performances.

*Dancers are required to take a minimum number of classes: one Ballet + two other classes.

*Dancers are required to maintain a 3.0 grade point average and provide grade reports throughout the semester.

*Ensemble Dancers are required to purchase clothing items and shoes to fulfill company  requirements.

*Ensemble members may miss no more than 3 rehearsals or classes per semester.

*Dancers who audition will expect to be dressed in appropriate Ballet wear (black leotard and pink tights )and Bun with a 5×7 vertical color headshot with an up to date dance resume.  Auditions will start on time and late arrivals will not be allowed. Dancers will also bring pants/shorts/capris/tank top/shirt to wear during the audition for other styles of dance.  Please bring ALL your dance shoes and a water bottle.  This is a closed audition.

Please see the office with any questions!